Winter Anime 2020

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A lot of good anime is coming out this Winter 2020 season. Darwin's game, Remake of orphen and plunderer just to name a few that I will be watching. Were also getting returning shows like Black Clover, My Hero Academia and finally getting into some more Canon arcs with Boruto series. So 2020 is starting out good and should be a huge year for anime. I hope to find a few hidden gem animes this season as well.

So what anime are you most excited for this year?


A Few Lines: Isekai Cheat Magician

This anime is about two high school students Taichi and Kanade who get summoned into another world filled with magic and magical creatures. When they enter this world they discover that they have magical powers and are known as magicians, A woman named Lemia discovers them and tells and mentors them to teach them how to use their powers and use there magic.

This anime to me is an average anime, it reminds me of wiseman grandchild if we are going with the comparison. For a few years, we were getting these manga anime adaptations that have to do with getting sucked into magical worlds and being overpowered character. Many of these types of anime are average and have poor character development or just have a poor story and great characters. The only anime that I have enjoyed in this type of anime is I got reincarnated as a slime, its one of those anime that has a great story, characters and fleshes out the world pretty well.

Did you watch Isekai Cheat magician? What did you think? Do you like these types of stories in anime? 

A Few Lines: Fire Force Season 1

With Funimation announcing Season 2 in the summer of 2020, let's take a  look at Season 1 of Fire force. Fire Force season 1 is comprised of 24 episodes, I recently finished watching this series today in English dub form. I liked both the sub and dub equally, but for me, I prefer to watch dub when if I'm able too.

I came into this series like I usually do not knowing what it was about and who created it. The creator of this manga turned into an anime is Atsushi Ōkubo, who is also the creator of the Soul Eater manga. The manga started in 2016 and has stated that it would end in 30 volumes, but I highly doubt that and I think will stretch out a little more than 30 volumes. Ok now to get back on track, I ran into this series with no expectation, but to kill some boredom one weekend. After about 4 episodes I was instantly hooked, it was something about the story and the animation. The story revolves around Shinra and him finding out what happened to his brother and killed his mother during a fire that was started 12 years prior to the series when he was a child. In the fire force world there exist these creatures that are called infernal's which are the product of human combustion. Shinra later learns of a shady organization and the link with his brother. I don't want to spoil it so I'll leave it at that.

I think the animation is one of the cleanest I've seen in a while. I'm a story and character development guy, so when I see a show with some good character development and story I'm automatically glued. This series has enough character development and story to give you a feel for the world they live in. I wish the world was more fleshed out than it was in season 1 and that we would learn more about 'The Great Disaster".

If I had to score out this series I would give it a 7.5 out of 10. Even though I love the story and character development, I feel like its missing something. The best thing about this series was to learn about the connection between sho and his brother and loved their interaction once they met, I think that brought the series full circle. I also love the characters and how different each one is and the mystery between Licht and joker. I can't wait to see who's side they are really on. I know I can probably find out what happens in season 2 of the series by reading the manga, but I will wait the 6 months till summer to see just as long as the series doesn't deviate from the manga and we get another Soul Eater situation.

So that's my thoughts on season 1 and I can't wait till Season 2. What are your thoughts on series? 


A Few Lines: One Piece Episode of East Blue

Image of young luffy from one piece
Finally, had time this weekend to take a look at One Piece Episode of East Blue. This 1h 46min movie is a condensed version of the One Piece East Blue saga, focusing on how the crew members of Luffy met starting with Luffy, Zoro,sanjiUssop and lastly Nami. The stories that are developed well in this saga were Nami's and Luffy's in my opinion. Even though I recommend giving this series a shot even though it's reaching over 900 episodes now, I think it's worth watching for any fan of anime.


Guide to getting started with Anime

Why watch anime?

Why not anime! Anime is a different animal to what you watch and has influenced a lot of American shows to follow that Japanese animation feel. Remember Voltron, well Voltron was an anime and it was originally called GoLion in Japan, when it made landfall in America it was edited and became called Voltron: Defenders of the Universe, this was in 1984-85. Most anime is derived from Manga which is Japanese comics. Even though Anime is from Japan it slowly made it's way to America in original Subtitle form and for the last 25+ years in English dub form. What differentiates anime from American cartoons is the story and how mature most anime is to a majority of American cartoons. I think Anime took off in the mid-'90s when Toonami gave it an introduction to the world with shows like Ronin Warriors, Dragonballz and Cowboy Bebop(which has a great soundtrack). Since then companies like Funimation, Viz Media, and others have been bringing over anime shows for us anime fans to enjoy.

Where to Start with anime

That's a tough one, I guess it depends on what genre you like. Anime has plenty of genre and sub-genre;s. There is an anime for anyone, I guess a good starter anime has to be cowboy bebop which is a sci-fi action anime and is a good start as any. If you love drama and action there is always Fullmetal alchemist which has plenty of that. There are a ton of choices, but I may warn you that a lot of anime series can have as many as 12 episodes to almost 900 episodes(One piece is a good example). Most anime comes in subtitled form from various official sources like crunchyroll.com. Funimation.com also offers subbed and English Dubbed anime. Those two websites have a good catalog of anime, they both do require a subscription if you want to watch there the whole library and if you want to watch the latest subbed episodes of your choice, but those two sites are the best places to start to watch anime and to find an anime that suits your genre of choice.

Where to watch anime

As I went over crunchyroll.com and funimation.com are my favorite choices to watch anime. There are also other sites as well if you live out of the country. Animelab.com is an oversea streaming service which I believe is only available to Australia and New Zealand. I exactly no expert in what's the best anime website, but there are tons of options to view anime with using google to find a streaming service that is good for you. In the past, I used sites that fans have made to put up anime that are subbed by fan-subbers cause back in the day that's all us anime fans had. Now with affordable anime streaming services and usually free anime in English dub for those who don't want to read subtitles, anime is more accessible to all. There is no real need for fansubs not unless its an anime that hasn't been acquired by a certain company to bring overseas to the west.


As an avid anime watcher, I hope you like this post and hope it's helped some to consider watching anime and its amazing stories that the creators of manga and the animators have brought to life. My opinion on anime is that I feel is way superior to most American cartoons and has better storytelling. I might someday make a post of my top 50 anime of all time to share. So what was your first anime that you watched