Monday, December 2, 2019

A Few Lines: Fire Force 18

Image of Shinra from Fire Force Anime
This series is getting very interesting. This week episode seen a gathering of Obi,Konro, Karim and Hibana, they all were meeting up at company 8 to discuss and share information about the events happening so far. We're still unclear about Licht's and Vulcan's motives and whose side they really are on and what they know about the Adola Burst. Konro takes Shinra and Arthur to Asakusa to combat training with Benimaru. With Licht's help and benimaru explaining how pyrokenesis works shinra is learning how to control his flames and increase his combat speed.

This week's episode is a show of things to come and we finally get to see Shinra's growth. I hope we get to see Arthur grow as a fire soldier his flame powers are very interesting and hope his character doesn't take a backseat to Shinra.

Episode 18 Screenshots (click to view full-size)

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